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AuctionLook is the creator of the national app AUCTIONEER. #1 in the iTunes store for over 2 years with over 3 million auction inquiries.

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What We Are

AuctionLook helps Auctioneers around the country advertise and market their company and auctions across the internet.

Association Benefits

AuctionLook loves working with associations. We work with your association to bring maximum benefit to you.

Advertising and Marketing

AuctionLook advertises you and your auctions across multiple media platforms… email blasts, 30 auction websites, the national app AUCTIONEER, and participating state associations. Additional marketing services are: instant auction flyers, pay-per-click, Google AdWords, and your own auction calendar.

Our Partners

AuctionLook partners with companies to help auctioneers do their jobs easier and more efficiently for live, online or simulcast auctions.



AuctionLook builds websites for associations at no cost.  We also offer individual auctioneer sites through our partner  

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