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We are excited to start on your project. We try to make the process as painless as possible. Below are many of our options, to order any of them, click on the icon or title to go to the order forms.

If you have any questions, please contact support@auctionlook.com.

Please check your email (or spam) for your receipt. 

Email Campaign FAQ's:

  • Is my email list kept confidential?  Yes!  Your email list is not shared with anyone.  It is strictly your list for your private campaign. We follow the rules.
  • So...all I do is upload my auctions to AuctionLook and it will automatically send from there?  Yes!  There is no further action required on your part!
  • Will I know when my campaign is up and running?  Yes!  You will get a copy of all campaigns sent out.
  • When will my campaign go out? It will go out once a week at the specified day and time you
  • Can I cancel my campaign at anytime? - Yes!  Unfortunately because this is automated... we will need a 90 day notice of cancellation by email to hmmbilling@gmail.com.
  • If I have no auctions on AuctionLook will my campaign go out blank?  No.  That would just be silly. 🙂  We only send your campaigns out when you have active auctions on AuctionLook.
  • If I have more then one auction on AuctionLook what happens?  The email campaign goes out with multiple auctions on it.
  • If I change my auction information will the new information go out in my email campaigns?  Yes!  As long as you change it 24 hours before we pull your auction information for your campaign.