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Your Company needs it’s own Mobile App.  $49 per month, plus $500 setup fee. Your custom App will have:

  • About you
  • Your Facebook page (optional)
  • Your Youtube page (optional)
  • Contact email/phone
  • Auctions (any online bidding platform)
  • Push notifications
Your App needs to have content to retain your audience.  Your App needs to stay with you regardless of what online bidding platform you use.  Just like your website…your app needs to flow with your business as your business grow and changes.

Automated email campaigns of your auctions to your buyers list! $250 onetime setup / $35 per month hosting. Live in the security that a Custom Email Campaign of all your Auctions on goes out to all your buyers. You will be charged $250 for design set up of your campaign. It is a one time fee. After your campaign design is approved we will send you a link for your monthly $39 auto pay hosting. We will get working on the design of your automated email campaign right away! This is going to be great! Please note: If your email list is greater then 5,000 there may be a slight increase in monthly hosting. We will contact you)

Looking for a new website?  Our pricing starting at $1,200 onetime setup / $35 per month hosting. We build websites with style.  Up to 5 pages of content, social network connect & connect to any online bidding platform of your choice!

  • Don’t have an online bidding platform?  we can provide one for you through our partners at
  • Need IDX connect?  We got that.
  • Need a shopping cart? We got that too!
Note: 3rd party external services such as IDX, Shopping carts and online bidding platforms may charge extra.

Your Company logo on with link to your website.  Drive more traffic reach more buyers!

A new window will open and redirect you to signup web-page. If ordering more services such as APPS for your platform or Website… Please return to this page to order those separate.

If you have problems or questions please email:

Please check your email (or spam) for your receipt. 

Email Campaign FAQ’s:

  • Is my email list kept confidential?  Yes!  Your email list is not shared with anyone.  It is strictly your list for your private campaign. We follow the rules.
  • So…all I do is upload my auctions to AuctionLook and it will automatically send from there?  Yes!  There is no further action required on your part!
  • Will I know when my campaign is up and running?  Yes!  You will get a copy of all campaigns sent out.
  • When will my campaign go out? It will go out once a week at the specified day and time you
  • Can I cancel my campaign at anytime? – Yes!  Unfortunately because this is automated… we will need a 90 day notice of cancellation by email to
  • If I have no auctions on AuctionLook will my campaign go out blank?  No.  That would just be silly. 🙂  We only send your campaigns out when you have active auctions on AuctionLook.
  • If I have more then one auction on AuctionLook what happens?  The email campaign goes out with multiple auctions on it.
  • If I change my auction information will the new information go out in my email campaigns?  Yes!  As long as you change it 24 hours before we pull your auction information for your campaign.