Future Building Modern Ethics of Trusted Auctioneers

The AuctionLook initiative, Future Building Modern Ethics of Trusted Auctioneers is our way of helping the Auction Industry move forward in the modern world.

Auctioneers have a rich history worldwide. Through this initiative, AuctionLook is helping make sure Auctioneers have a rich future worldwide.

We expand ethics to be DEI FOCUSED. A focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has the capacity to connect companies to a broader applicant base of potential new employees. With an ongoing competition for talent, capitalizing on the competitive advantage of an expanded applicant base is a savvy business move.

The National Auctioneers Associations Value Statement

We intentionally welcome all auction professionals. We do this without adherence to any social, religious and/or political affiliation or creed. We endeavor to foster a climate of purposeful inclusion, an environment where all can feel safe, valued, cared for, and given an opportunity to form meaningful connections with each other.

  • Integrity: NAA members will act with personal and professional integrity.
  • Respect: NAA members will respect each other and support and protect diversity.
  • Fiduciary: NAA members will be committed to ensuring their Clients and Customers receive competent and ethical services.
  • Compliance: NAA members will comply with the Code of Ethics and to uphold laws and regulations required by local, state and national legislative and regulatory agencies.
  • Confidentiality: NAA members will protect confidential information.
  • Loyalty: NAA members will be loyal to the NAA and its mission.
  • Duty: NAA members owe good faith in dealings with the public.
  • Professionalism: NAA members owe good faith in dealings with other auction professionals and strive for personal and professional excellence for themselves and their colleagues.

Source: National Auctioneers Association [ https://www.auctioneers.org/NAA/About/Code-of-Ethics/NAA/About-NAA/Governance-And-Financials/Code-of-Ethics.aspx?hkey=95b9fcc5-8567-420d-9696-4a2a52992a4f ]